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Catbells' "Fade- Rainy Day Demo" is melancholic magic

Singer/songwriter Catbells has unveiled her cryptic and introspective single entitled "Fade- Rainy Day Demo".  The new track takes lyrical influence from her deep-seated and profound emotions centered around a personal heartbreak and sonically takes influence from the nostalgia felt from growing up in the wilderness of New England.  "Fade- Rainy Day Demo" paints a cinematic landscape through vast layered and hazy soundscapes coupled with Catbells' pastel-dipped vocals. Channeling artists such as Mazzy Star, Nico, and Donovan, Catbells draws on a myriad of influences to create a timeless yet distinctive sound. 

"Fade- Rainy Day Demo" is a heart-wrenching account of deep heartbreak, the kind that defeats you and makes you lose hope. Catbells confides, “The song really wrote itself and the music needed to match the feeling of how the words felt. There are few people who are lucky enough to escape the feeling of a completely broken heart, and feeling like the person you loved so much just moved on like it was nothing, leaving you left there with a hole where your heart once was.” The listener can hear the anguish in Catbells as she discovers her former love was able to move on so quickly without any doubts. With lyrics such as "I feel so numb. Do you ever think of me. You moved on so easily," this one-sided relationship left her senseless, confused, and longing for something that never truly was. 
Catbells is a bit of an anomaly.  Even though her music is deeply personal, the artist keeps her identity private by wearing masks in her press photos and using the name of "Catbells" from the children's book The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy- Winkle as her stage name.  "Fade- Rainy Day Demo" is the debut single off of her upcoming EP.  With more music to come, we can't wait to discover more from this intriguing artist. 
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30 days ago

Love the melancholy yet sweet sound of her voice. The pain described in her lyrics are so relatable. Can’t wait to hear more from this masked artist.

30 days ago

Absolutely loving this one! Very unique sound with a depth that’s spot on to the references you made - Mazzy Star, Donovan, Nico. Definitely, waiting to hear more about this artist!