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Devault connects with EVAN GIIA on "Pockets"

Devault is back in the mix with his first single release of 2021. Enlisting the help of electronic singer-songwriter extraordinaire, EVAN GIIA, "Pockets" is a heavy-hitting, approachable anthem sure to warm you up. 

The 24-year old producer has found his sweet spot with his signature sound, a sophisticated blend of euphoric, dark, and youthful energies. As distinct as his sound is, it seems to continually be evolving. "Pockets" is the first taste of what's to come in the "next collection" of music from Devault. The song showcases his unique blend and ability to delicately balance multiple energies at once; lyrically "Pockets" is more on the sad side exploring themes of feeling disarranged and unaccepted, but the warmth of the production creates a sense of therapy and liberation.

EVAN GIIA wrote pockets "...about feeling misunderstood. A time when everyone around me saw things differently than I did. It was cathartic to get all these emotions out and into the song." These feelings bleed through the song, with her vocal tone and lyrics both creating a true sense of vulnerability. 

"Pockets" is just the first taste of Devault's upcoming full-length EP Empty Room. Expect more to follow throughout the summer as he continues to bring us up to speed on what he's been cooking up over the past year.

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