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MAXN and Chiquita Magic "Shine Brightly"

Los Angeles-based artist Max Naseck, aka MAXN, is back with the latest taste of his upcoming album. The third single off of his upcoming full-length project, "Shine Brightly" enlists the help of Canadian-Colombian singer Chiquita Magic to create a wonderfully soulful track with an emphatic bounce.

Working as a musician in L.A. who has performed and recorded with other musicians worldwide, Naseck has been working to find his own voice as an artist. His self-released music is a personal look into his perception of the world that he expresses through fresh R&B and soul music. Having already released two EP's, "Shine Brightly" marks the third single off of his upcoming album Mr. Sensitive Feelings, which Max dubs "a collection of deeply personal songs addressing topics of anxiety, insecurity, love, and loneliness."

"Shine Brightly" was created online during quarantine with Naseck and Chiquita creating the record remotely. Featuring lyrics in both Spanish and English. Chiquita's airy vocals are comforting and inviting, meshing with the warm synths to create an undeniable groove.

MAXN's debut album Mr. Sensative Feelings is due out June 25th.

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Groovy · Neo-Soul · PBR&B


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