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"Godspeed (Feb. 31st)" marks another masterful Oranj Goodman performance

Masterfully fitting together a cacophonous blend of hazy, drug-addled hip-hop with little hints of psych-pop influences and synth-y melodic goodness, Oranj Goodman returns with yet another gem in "Godspeed (Feb 31st)".  

A return to the more standard 5+ minute Goodman offering, "Godspeed" is a multifaceted journey with multiple beat switches that feels almost more like a mini EP than it does a standalone song.  The Pacific Northwest native coasts on every verse, however, further cementing his versatility (as if there were any question) by delivering the hummable yet thoughtful lyrics he is becoming known for.  Speaking on naming the track "February 31", Goodman had to say, "Basically I'm sitting here waiting for this day that will never come; waiting to blow up but everyone around me is threatened so I wish them godspeed."  With a euphoric and evocative chorus, "Godspeed" functions as one of those cuts that really seems to fit the personality of its performer to a tee.  

Gearing up for his anticipated EP release in June, Oranj Goodman continues to deliver refined soundscapes populated by his pinpoint bars.  After establishing himself as an accomplished presence on the underground, expect to find the PNW rapper getting his mainstream recognition very soon.  

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