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F/L/P drops his intoxicating tune “Kiss That”

Ever experience that love obsession that teeters on the edge of dangerous? F/L/P’s latest single “Kiss That” details that kind of crazy love. With warm beats and velvety vocals, you can feel a strong intensity burn through. The catchy tune takes passion to new heights. He sings “I’m about to make you tipsy like you are sipping on that champagne.” The lyrics fit so well as this R&B tune will have you drunk off its smooth, seductive nature.  This pleasurable listening experience allows listeners to get lost in the offering’s lush style.

The Norwegian talent is known for his ability to fuse current pop with past musical trends. “Kiss That” has that same modern yet retro sound. Reminiscent of artist like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, he captures you in with a soulful quality. F/L/P confides, “The song reflects deep melancholy, sadness and obsession. Being in love can go both ways because the aspects of love are so strong and powerful, it’s fascinating how much it has caused both happiness and problems for people.”

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