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Tomi Thomas releases a summertime song, "Again"

Tomi Thomas releases a colorful new visual for "Again" — a high energy single filled with lyrics and upbeat sounds that are the perfect theme for a summer party. 
It's beautiful to feel the vibrant energy that Tomi Thomas brings to the scene, especially since "Again" is his first single of the year. Intelligently picking the perfect visual to match this song, a tropical environment is what you think of as soon as this single comes on. Through the upbeat and snappy sounds, Tomi effortlessly takes us to paradise. His smooth voice is undeniably calming, soothing our souls, especially when he sings the charming repetition of "Shorty wanna be my lover/ Wanna be my lover/ Wanna be my lover/." The poetic yet carefree wordplay tells of a summertime love story as he meets a woman on an exciting adventure. Press play and you'll quickly find yourself dancing along to the music. 
Connect with Tomi Thomas: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Alternative · Indie


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