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Sammy Adams shares fresh new single, "Drip"

Sammy Adams has shared a fresh new single called "Drip". This track is smooth and confident, and makes for a great pump-up song or as a soundtrack to a small party.

Instrumentally, "Drip" is centred around upbeat, catchy guitars, underscored by subtle, atmospheric synths. Beneath, adrenaline-pumping drums keep a steady pace, glued together by rumbling 808s. Adams comes through with some memorable rap verses and a moody chorus. It is evident that he is a skilled songwriter who can string together smooth melodies with ease. 

Adams originates from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and began creating music at a young age. He started playing piano at age 7, and added drum production into his music over the years, later fully transitioning into creating hip-hop beats. He eventually developed his own musical style, blending pop with hip-hop to create engaging bangers. 

Overall, "Drip" is a solid release from Sammy Adams, showcasing his versatility and sharp songwriting skills. The song is bouncy and hypnotic, providing cleverly written verses and a strong chorus. All in all, it is the perfect offering for either a pump up track or as a soundtrack to a small party. Hopefully more is soon to come from this talented artist. 

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Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop · Rap


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