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Aradia glows in dance-pop banger "No One Can Stop You"

Alas! The summer disco spirit is finally here, courtesy of nu-disco pop artist and producer Aradia. In her latest uber-dancy, feel-good anthem “No One Can Stop You” Aradia sets the ultimate precedent for a confident, fun-filled summer following a year of great hardship.

“No One Can Stop You” is an empowering and retro-tinged creation that bursts with themes such as knowing your inner-power, adopting courage, and finding the strength to put your best foot forward in life. With a driving chorus “Bang on the walls till they crumble around you, and watch them fall because no one can stop you now, we climbed a mountain and got to the top too, so sing it loud because no one can stop you now” Aradia sets the stage with lyrics that immediately motivate and inspire change. The song features 70s inspired vocals, catchy upbeat rhythms, and bright synths that together create a perfect blend of electro-pop and groovy disco.

New York-based Aradia is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter that is best known for her progressive mix of genres. She draws on inspiration from artists such Robyn, MARINA, Blondie, and Roosevelt. In addition to her music career, Aradia is highly involved with causes such as animal rights and racial and gender equality.

Spice up your 2021 summer playlist and listen to Aradia’s “No One Can Stop You”.

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Nu-disco · Pop


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