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Global Dan shares energizing new album 'Go Global'

Maryland artist Global Dan has shared a new album, entitled Go Global— a lively, animated record that makes for an energizing listen.

Go Global kicks off with "Toxic", a track that encapsulates the vital sound of Global Dan. This song contains a powerful instrumental centred around pounding 808s and crisp percussion, setting a solid foundation for Global Dan's hyperactive vocal style. Next, he slows it down for "Love In Hollywood", which takes on a more sentimental, wistful mood. Mellow synths and bittersweet keys ring out atop rich 808s, as Global Dan croons catchily over top. Moreover, album highlight "One" is anthemic, featuring joyful synths and clean percussion. This song contains some of his catchiest melodies, hooking the listener in immediately with his smooth vocals. Furthermore, the chorus on "One" is ecstatic and powerful, and it is difficult to ignore the infectiousness of this song. Following this track, "Had Me at Goodbye" is another album highlight. Once again, Global Dan slows it down and provides something more bittersweet. The instrumental to this track simply glistens, full of rich, full-bodied sounds including glowing synths and bright guitars. Finally, album closer "Drive U Crazy" provides a reflective mood, featuring mellow guitars and warm 808s. It makes for a pensive departure to an otherwise primarily upbeat album. 

Global Dan is an artist from Maryland. He is a hip-hop-leaning recording artist who incorporates hyper-pop and emo influences into his music. After rising in the DMV underground scene, he signed to Steve Aoki's renowned Dim Mak record label. Since then, he has carved a name for himself through a number of idiosyncratic, powerful releases, including this latest one Go Global.

Overall, Go Global is a strong release from Global Dan, capturing his eclectic, energetic sound in a precise manner. The multi-talented artist brings a heap of stylish, catchy instrumentals and lays some well-written melodies over top. This entertaining release keeps one on their toes throughout and has one waiting excitedly for his next release.

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