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Shima teams up with Calica for a J-pop banger in "Don't Wanna Die Young"

Japanese-American producer and singer-songwriter Shima is known for her J-pop meets indie electronic dance-infused tracks.  Her latest offering is entitled "Don't Wanna Die Young" and features indie pop and viral TikTok personality Calica.  The duo met in Tokyo while studying music and quickly bonded and soon began writing music together. Both ending a toxic relationship, their first collaboration "Don't Wanna Die Young" details hope for new beginnings and letting go of wild yet careless people. 

Sonically, "Don't Wanna Die Young" soars with innovative colorful production complete with bright neon-dipped beats and funk-fueled bass.  Both Calica and Shima sing on the track, marking a tag-teamed confident effort of vocals slipping between English and Japanese. The melody is buoyant, carefree and fun. "Don't Wanna Die Young" is an all-female creation with everything from production, engineering, songwriting and performing being headed by women, a rarity in today's male-dominated musical world. 
Take a listen to the vibrant pop hit "Don't Wanna Die Young" now and add it to your summer playlist. 
Connect with Shima: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Calica: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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