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Casey Austin drops gritty G-Funk rendition of Ginuwine's "Differences" available for free download

San Franciscan producer Casey Austin has dropped a dynamic offering of 4 G-Funk Sunset Bootlegs for fans to check out and download for free to develop an affinity for his spirited sound.  The latest bootleg of  Ginuwine's "Differences" is available now for free download and streaming via SoundCloud below.

Smooth and swinging, the latest bootleg embodies the charm of a sun-drenched beach-dweller and the competitive drive of dance music’s new generation. Boasting bright and buoyant house alongside smooth, glistening vocals tie together elements across dance genres and funk.

As a college student, Austin balanced studying Physics with producing live events and building art installations at Burning Man, learning that he liked to examine music production from a psychophysical lens. With an eclectic career background, he developed his relationship with music throughout his life - realizing that his passion could extend far beyond the DJ booth. Previously producing NoCal circus events alongside art installations at Burning Man, his multidisciplinary background in-tandem with fierce motivation has lead him to discover his true artistic potential; sending a powerful message to electronic music and serving as inspiration for the next generation of artists.

Fueled by organic, progressive elements and four-on-the-floor beats, his developing sound has been influenced from his technical, curious instinct - resulting in a signature sound that aims to please while experimenting with a variety of flavors across the genre spectrum.

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Connect with Casey Austin: Instagram | Spotify 

Dance · G-house · Indie Dance


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