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Cassia share the infectious indie single "Right There"

UK trio Cassia share the new infectious indie single "Right There". Perfected for the incoming long summer days, the single draws on indie-pop aesthetics to create a track that makes loneliness soundtrack-able. Dig it.

Hailing from Macclesfield, the trio embellish their reality with jangly guitar lines and soothing drum pads that hook you in from the offset. Making an uplifting track about the feelings surrounding loneliness, the track loops an underscoring bass groove that weaves itself into your head and has you humming for days. Proven fact.

"'Right There' came from quite a difficult place and was originally written as a slower piano song, with the words coming out almost as if I was talking. It's about a very specific feeling, one of loneliness, and picking things apart - a vicious cycle, really," drummer Jake explains. "When I brought the song to the guys we wanted to make it as upbeat and uplifting as possible, as there is something kind of electric about taking those lows and sticking a finger to them. I know we live for songs like that and we hope this will have a similar impact on our fans who might need it."

Cassia are an incredible indie riser that continue to climb to the forefront of the genre, making themselves known by creating absolutely bops. I'll be sitting right there, listening to this once again, multiple times. 

Cassia's forthcoming EP Magnifer is out this summer.

Connect with Cassia: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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