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Charm of Finches takes a mystical voyage in "Treading Water"

Melbourne sister duo Charm of Finches radiates an otherworldly temperament. It’s as if their music and words bear ancient fruits of wisdom from the past, present and future all delicately intertwined to create timeless and masterful compositions that touch the depths of your soul. As they continue to craft their sound, they are well on their way to being one of the more intriguing artists of 2021.

Charm of Finches latest single “Treading Water” is the duo’s most recent offering, which is part of their third full-length album set to release later this year. In “Treading Water” the sisters embark on a journey in both the mind and body, as they reflect on a relationship that was mutually ended, the changing seasons from lovers to friends, all while taking the listener on an immersive physical journey across the city of Melbourne. The song flows like the ocean - effortlessly, graceful and free. Dreamy and exposed soundscapes allow the listener to re-imagine the story on one’s own terms, by capturing a sense of nostalgia for something that was once sacred and cherished. Harmonious, angelic vocals weave across the song, adding to the layer of celestial mystery.

Charm of Finches is comprised of sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes. They are best known for their haunting folk music about love, loss and the wisdom that can be found in the trees. The duo has won many awards nationally and internationally, and their music has been praised by Australian TV and PBS Radio among many others.

Listen to Charm of Finches “Treading Water” here and slip away in memory, to a place where neither time nor space exists.

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