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Hanne Mjøen shines in delicate new offering “Hell With You”

Have you ever fallen out of love and thought to yourself…will I ever find it again? Norwegian dream-pop Hanne Mjøen narrates that fear many of us face in her latest single “Hell With You”. With stunning soft, tender vocals floating atop pulsating synths, the wistful track takes you on a soaring, emotional ride. She sings, “feel I should be honest/but I’m too afraid to be alone” and you can instantly connect. 

The singer is known for her lush sound laced with a dark edge. Her personal lyrics and danceable beats make her music so vibrant and relatable. The song is off her upcoming EP Emotional Fever, which focuses on topics of navigating love and life. Through her music she takes her bottled up emotions and sets them free. The singer shares in a statement, “The theme of my new music is stepping into the grown-up world, with high expectations and thinking it would change me, but realizing it's not like a movie.” 

Connect with Hanne Mjøen: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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