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Le Sedi and Feaz find the "Perfect Timing"

British Singer Le Sedi and her longtime collaborator North London producer Feaz are back with a new collaborative release titled "Perfect Timing" which follows the previous track "Played Games." continuing his trend of crafting off-kilter soundscapes, Feaz prepares a sparse cinematic beat for Le Sedi to reflect over. The record was written by Le Sedi early in the lockdown in 2020 when Feaz sent her the beat via Instagram, but the actual recording didn't take place until later in the year.

Feaz concocts a cinematic backdrop ripe with a myriad of sounds ranging from lush guitars, scenic synths, and off-beat sound designs that swirl around the sparsely arranged grooves. It is non-conformative but yet soulful in a unique manner. Le Sedi on the other hand finds comfort between the ethereal vibes and takes us on an emotional journey about being restless and weary of what the future might bring in this pandemic. Her sublime vocals sure take center stage as she glides effortlessly over the beat while the subtle vocal effects add depth to her tone and also emphasize the emotional oomph.

This is perfect for your late-night playlist.

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