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Kojaque announces new album with title track "Town's Dead"

One of Irish hip-hop's forerunners and notorious "Soft Boy", Kojaque, is back with the title track from his upcoming debut LP, Town's Dead

One of Ireland's greatest exports, Kojaque has set the scene alight since his entrance. He has created a cult following with his projects Sunday Roast, Green Diesel and the critically acclaimed Deli Daydreams. Having toured with the likes of slowthai and Lana Del Rey and performances across the world at numerous festivals including Glastonbury, SXSW and Electric Picnic, it has finally come time for Kojaque to give us that much anticipated debut album. Singles preceding this announcement include "No Hands", "Coming Up" and "Shmelly" which debuted on COLORS and have set expectations for this LP high and has put anticipation at a fever pitch. 

"Town's Dead" as a track, however, gives us a clear indication of the topics and the sonics that are going to be on offered upon its release on June 25th. This alternative, garage, industrial driven track is laden with thematic elements and dramatics. The aggression and overall destructive manner in which the production exists is mesmerising. Kojaque touches on topics such as drugs, partying and fighting. However, the more potent topics of the ever changing landscape of modern day Dublin and the gentrification and eradication of the working class neighbourhoods that raised him are discussed by the Soft Boy Records founder as well as the ever present housing crisis happening in not just Dublin but the whole of Ireland at the moment. All this is done in spectacular fashion, I might add. The high energy performance, impactful lyricism, witty anecdotes and overall presentation make this single's replay value extremely high. 

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