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Hugo Ronen unleashes his offbeat blend of pop in 'The Sol Demos'

Inventive and genre defying music is so pervasive that it's less shocking when you actually come across it.  That being said, Hugo Ronen has created a piece of vibey, genreless gold with his newest collection of songs. Formerly known as Sol, the formerly New York-based artist is no stranger to defying conventions and tinkering with sonic expectations and exemplifies it on this collection of demos.  

The Sol Demos functions as an end to a chapter of Ronen's life as he uprooted from his home in New York to now living in Los Angeles.  A collection of his three previously released singles as well as a new live rendition of "Things End as They Begin", there might not be much to unpack for dedicated listeners of Ronen; but for new listeners, the EP release functions as a perfect way to acquaint oneself with the off-center stylings of the west coast transplant.  Each song features swaying and angelic harmonics layered over up-tempo drums and sweepingly captivating instrumentals.  In many ways, a cinematic experience that more than lends itself to a coming-of-age drama, Ronen's topics frequently explore the unsavory and less than satisfactory parts of pop music in a way that still maintains its genre direction. 

 Taking inspiration from fellow unconventional pioneers such as Jack Antonoff, Billie Eilish, Kanye West, and Tyler, The Creator; Ronen is more than the sum of his influences.  With his collected work so far, he has demonstrated himself to be a thoroughly interesting and unique artist that has the skillset to even further branch out into new sonic dimensions.  With an upcoming full-length project in the not-so-distant future, watching the development of Ronen's young career will be as engaging as listening to his music.

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Alt-Pop · Alternative · Hyperpop


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