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Zoe Gawd introduces us to some "Bad Things"

Queens, New York upcoming artist Zoe Gawd releases a new visual "Bad Things." The upbeat sounds and witty rhyme schemes undoubtedly capture our attention. 

Being in love with words and music since a young age, Zoe Gawd has made a buzz, especially in the New York music scene. “Do You” was a recent hit that shows everyone her talent. Now, with "Bad Things," she is back at it again. The witty wordplay is cleverly weaved throughout the track, such as "Say they're real/ But they know they fake/ I'm in the jungle, with the snakes and leeches/." She has an impeccable flow, which beautifully shows in the catchy hook as she raps, "Bad things/living fast/steady thinking about what life brings." It is clear that her strength lies in rhyming on top of upbeat sounds and snappy beats.
Connect with Zoe Gawd: Instagram |Twitter | Spotify 


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