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Cece Maravilla injects their own alt-pop flavor into "TLSD"

Chicago-based Cece Maravilla exists in their own little world. With a hazy and laidback ambiance that is best described as shoegaze-adjacent music that fits into the growing millennial-tinged alt-pop space, Maravilla exudes a vibe of quiet effervescence.  It is in their distinct, bubbly persona that their newest track "TLSD" comes forth.

"TLSD" stands for "Time, Love, Sex, Drugs" as the Wisconsin-born singer narrates in the catchy, earwormy chorus; representative of the four things the artist feels life always comes back to.  The addictively surrealist track is buoyed by the unbelievably mature vocal presence of Maravilla, who seems to have the exact vocal dynamics to cut through any mix they appear on.  Calling to mind other rising R&Bish alt-pop sensations like Syd B and Emeryld, there is an expert layer of emotion hidden beneath the deceptively tranquil songs of Maravilla.  "TLSD" is self-produced and exudes a unique, calming energy that seeks to provide shelter from any worries or fears of the day.  

Already with an extremely impressive discography at just 19 years old, Maravilla is one of those rising artists that absolutely needs more ears and eyes on them.  With an infectious personality and vibe, it seems only a matter of time before people begin to take notice of the unquestionable talent that they possess in every creative facet.  

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Alt-Pop · Neo-Soul


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