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Dance Lessons articulate modern love on "Just Chemistry" [Video]

Dance Lessons are the type of band that's hard to not instantly fall for. Despite their relative newcomer status and humble catalogue of a mere three singles, each track thus far exudes a magnetic, sultry allure that could soundtrack almost any situation.

Sauntering into 2021 with their latest, "Just Chemistry," the London-based self-proclaimed "serrated pop" trio masterfully pair their already amorous sound with an equally romanticised yet complex lyrical motive. “Just Chemistry is about the over-complication of our relationships." states frontwoman Ann. "It’s about the things that are left unsaid in-between the awkward text messages and conversations, and how the absence of knowing can be misinterpreted as doubt."

In a similar fashion to their previous releases, setting the groove seems to be their first port of call, with "Just Chemistry" counted in by a subtly dusty drum beat and whirling textures. Plucked guitars expand the rhythm as you float around in the shimmering atmosphere, with further embellishment from a funk-infused bassline. Ann's vocal glides in, ensnaring your mind with both its honeyed tones and provocative confidence.

As they spread their wings into the chorus, if you weren't bopping to the beat already, you certainly are now. Harmonies as smooth as butter cascade with each passing cadence, pulling you deeper into the already oceans deep soundscape and complimenting the palpable groove with almost jaw-dropping aplomb. To top it all off, beyond the second chorus sees the most necessary application of a sax solo you'll have heard for a while, granting the conclusion of the track to reach a truly mesmeric plateau.

In the same statement, Ann concludes that "for a long time, I felt at the mercy of my emotions. I doubted where things were going. I lived in the future and found it hard to commit to the present. But these moments of not knowing can be equally thrilling and beautiful. And that’s what the song is about: finding beauty in the unspoken. In most cases, it’s chemistry that makes us fall in love. Things end, all is temporary. Let’s not go to war with one another over it.”

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