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Mari Baby gives us a modern twist of "Beethoven" in new single

Rising artist Mari Baby drops a fascinating new single "Beethoven" —a modern and classical blend of sounds from the legendary German composer and pianist. 
Mari Baby has created a buzz, especially in New York, with his recent hit "Range Rover." In just one minute and thirty-eight seconds, he introduces us to a colorful world both sonically and lyrically. Through intense wordplay, Mari Baby spills his heart out through highly expressive and vulnerable vocals. The intense wordplay in lines like "Can't trust these friends, cause they can't be your brother/ Got to keep my head up against the water/ That's why I'm staying stronger/," showcase Mari Baby's fearless storytelling. The classical piano keys attributed to the title of the track provide a calming environment the passionate lyrical content. 
Connect with Mari Baby: Instagram | Spotify 


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