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Sam Valdez's free-spirited "Palms Casino" is a spring anthem

Los Angeles-based hazy indie artist Sam Valdez graces us with the perfect weekend escape song in her newest single “Palms Casino.” The singer/songwriter, known for her dreamy vocals and warm, nostalgic soundscapes has crafted a tune that will truly let your mind run free from all the worries and pressures in life.

“Palms Casino” is about “letting yourself act on impulse and just owning the consequences. It's about wanting to evolve and find excitement without chaos, but knowing it's okay to mess up and explore your curiosities too" says Valdez. A feel-good, summer-soaked anthem that delves into blissful nostalgia and feelings of liberation is just what this song does for your mind and soul. The singer’s captivating vocals and imaginative soundscapes take the listener on a journey to becoming “young, wild, and free.”

Sam Valdez is known for her blend of shoe-gaze, Americana, indie-rock, and pop songs that reflect on her childhood growing up in the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is rapidly gaining attention for her emotive, authentic songwriting and recently signed with B3SCI Records. “Palms Casino” is the latest single from her upcoming full-length album entitled Take Care, which is set to release on May 7th.

Sam Valdez shines brightly with “Palms Casino”, showing she has what it takes to be on everyone’s spring and summer playlists. Listen to Sam Valdez’s “Palms Casino” here and drift away into the abyss.

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