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Scott Nicholls looks back on fond memories in "Heartbeat"

Scott Nicholls revs up his musical engine with his new single “Heartbeat,” featuring Savannah Gardner. Nicholls found his love for country music and its ability to share and tell a story, wanting his music to be a vessel of communication, he shares his feelings in his latest country rock/pop single.

"Heartbeat" talks of acceptance of the past and welcoming in new beginnings. The singer-songwriter shares he wanted to make something to give people the nod that looking back is normal, sharing, “We may not be in the springtime of our lives right now, but after a really tough year for everybody I wanted to release something that people could remember that nostalgia is ok.”

A dynamite explosion of country music, this single is burning bright in smooth, electric strums that edge the country-rock vibes, anchored drums, acoustic guitar and all things analog. The tune is organic and honest, with the collaboration of Savannah Gardner’s vocals adding a honey-smooth glaze to the track. The combination of their vocals poses a goosebump ride of harmonies, creating a full and rich feel to the song. “Heartbeat” is warm and full of energy, with the lyrics and catchy melodies creating a familiar feeling - one that is both comforting and uplifting.

2020 saw a slew of releases from the British artist, who you may also recognize from the UK dating show, Five Guys A Week, and he is now charging ahead this year, with "Heartbeat" set to take the country scene by storm. Nicholls is certainly an artist to watch. 

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