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KTJ & CARLY capture the chaotic nature of love with “Rollercoaster”

Seductive synth-pop duo KTJ & CARLY unleash their new single "Rollercoaster" and it will take you on a wild ride. With powerful, soulful vocals soaring atop elevated electro arrangements, this whirling track sucks you in and never lets go. The sentimental song examines the extreme highs and lows of relationships. It details loving someone so intensely, you disregard the damage that could come down the line. This addictive tune takes inspiration from the quote, "Often, the thing we fall in love with, is the very thing that makes us fall out of love.” Listeners can resonate with that idea of going from being completely enamored by someone to losing all feeling.

Katie and Carly Haynes are talented twins that create radiant releases that ooze with confidence. They are no strangers to the ‘rollercoaster’ of emotions this industry can bring, but have managed to stay grounded through it all. Though the two have remained level headed, their song focuses on caring for a person despite how unstable the situation can be. Through their infectious beats and stunning vocals, you can’t help but be hooked by this thrilling offering. Take a listen to the emotive single now. 

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