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Dragonfruit takes us to the club on "Know Better"

With each new single, Dragonfruit shows why they are a group on the rise. Their capabilities in musicianship and production are beyond reproach and each successive release reveals delectable new wrinkles to their sound. With a debut album on the horizon, the Dutch group has now shared their fifth single, which is a club-ready romp entitled “Know Better” out now via Super-Sonic Jazz Records.

Having established a reputation for pristine production, tasteful beats, and soulful vocals on previous tracks like “Some Say,” “Wasted,” and “Apples,” Dragonfruit spread their musical wings on “Know Better” with explosive energy and a pulsing house vibe that are guaranteed to get listeners moving. With perhaps an optimistic nod toward the future of live music, the song transports us into a dark nightclub as singer Danique van der Vlugt describes the allure and danger of escaping life’s stressors through the use of substances.

Although “Know Better” diversifies the Dragonfruit sound, the hallmarks of stellar quality are more present than ever. The production work makes each note burst out of the speaker, with subtly intricate lines – like in the bass during the hook – woven throughout the track. The arrangement hits all the right buttons as well, with a particularly special beat drop at the song’s climax. Dragonfruit continues to exhibit their prowess in integrating accessible influences into music that sounds wholly original, and “Know Better” is just the latest example of their impressive output.

"Know Better" is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Dragonfruit: Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

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