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Wriss Parker shares triumphant new single "Splash"

Wriss Parker has shared a triumphant new banger entitled "Splash".

Sioux Falls native Wriss Parker first broke onto the scene with his 2019 single "Never Seen", a moody cut that is equal parts introspective and memorable. This single led to him gaining a devoted following, and he followed it up with a string of high quality releases. He began to capture fan's hearts due to his confident, authentic style and tireless work ethic. His latest song "Splash" is another strong offering, featuring dense lyricism and powerful vocals.

"Splash", produced by Taylor Hill, begins with an epic intro featuring glorious strings. The strings give way to a head-knocking verse containing swirling vocal samples and groovy bass. Aggressive keys are added to augment the triumphant beat, as crisp drums lock in the rhythm. Over top, Parker provides charismatic vocals full of clever lyrics, before launching into a captivating chorus. Overall, the song is powerful and dense, and has much replay value.

All in all, Parker's "Splash" proves that his relentless work ethic is paying off. It is a layered track that demands multiple listens, while still remaining entertaining throughout. It seems that 2021 could be a great year for Wriss Parker, and one can look forward to his next releases with much excitement.

Connect with Wriss Parker: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Hip-Hop · Rap


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