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Julian Skiboat delivers sad boy vibes in new chilled out tune "My Room"

Julian Skiboat has crafted the perfect song for all of us stuck at home during the pandemic. The San Antonio singer/songwriter graces us with the woozy “My Room” - a song encompassing the feelings of stagnancy from being stuck inside 24/7. Written with the hopes to deliver a positive vibe, Skiboat reminds us that there will be better days.

"My Room" has a soft, jolly tone, glistening with a more melancholy aftertaste. The zesty artist shares with us that the song is “about feeling bored, lonely, and stagnant. I have such a love for this song because I think it really represents me well. Having this upbeat happy instrumental with slightly sombre lyrics really embodies me as a whole."

The rhythm in this track has a chilled, upbeat essence with a diluted vocal that floats atop a cloudy sky of light, muffled guitar strums. The song emits a calming echo, with Skiboat emanating a somewhat sad boy sounding vocal that screams cool, calm and collected. “Nothing ever goes my way so I’ll stay inside,” he sings, making it very easy to get drawn into his melodies and vocals, becoming totally hypnotized. The looping melodies are poignant to the feelings of stagnancy in the lyrics and bring a sense of ease to the overall delivery.

"My Room" closely follows his previous release "Flowers," which we urge you to check out if you're a fan of this laid-back indie alt sound.

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Alt-Pop · Indie


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