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November's "Antisocialite" digs deep into his dark persona [Video]

Emerging Toronto musician November, a/k/a Novac4ne, shares with us the grim visuals for his newest song "Antisocialite." The track sees the emerging act dive into various themes such as depression, fake friends, and the need to keep a clear head in these crazy times we live in. "Antisocialite" is a broody track that takes the listeners deep into the darkest regions in November's consciousness. From the pained impassioned performance, insightful lyrics that display his vulnerability to his expressive demeanor, November gives a full spectrum of emotions on the track.
November's offbeat and dark persona is fully projected on the screen in the visual. The use of dark and moody lighting, fast-cut scenes, and fuzzy effects all add to the artist's paranoia-like mind state.
The record serves as a re-introduction to music as he took time off to focus on other things in his life outside the entertainment sphere. He is currently working with Toronto-based Artist/Producer Sha Hustle, and Sony Canada Artist Swaggerrite so expect new music from him in the nearest future.
November started his career in music in 2016 with his debut single "Demons." This led to him performing at several venues across T-dot and opening up for acts like Cardi B, and Toronto’s very own Baka Not Nice.

Connect with November : Youtube | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram

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