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Dreamers share visuals for "Palm Reader" with Big Boi x UPSAHL [video]

LA-based alternative rock band Dreamers share the visuals for their song "Palm Reader." The upbeat and reflective song sees them working with legendary rapper Big Boi (of Outkast) and acclaimed pop act UPSAHL. "Palm Reader" is a punchy and bright record that dives into love and the world of modern pseudo-spirituality. From tarot card readings to the obvious palm reading, the band delivers this love-singed track in a carefree, almost tongue-in-cheek manner bolstered by catchy melodic refrains. It's a nice blend of being wrapped around another individual's fingers and ultimately coming to terms that that person might be the proverbial one. The inclusion of Big Boi and UPSAHL also gives the bouncy track a nice touch with the duo sharing their respective thoughts on the matter at hand. 

The video directed by Joe Striff and Samuel Halleen captures the fun-loving demeanor of the band to the fullest. The set pieces, bright aesthetics, and zany situations all add up to make it one entertaining visual. It's quite hilarious watching the band get into minor mishaps every now and then. Another element of note is the way, each set changes for the featured artist. UPSAHL's verse has a retro-semi animated feel while Big Boi is saddled with a vibrant fx-driven set that captures the rapper's OG status.

"Palm Reader" is the title track of the band's 5 song EP. Listen to "Palm Reader" on all DSPs here

Dreamers are made up of Nick WoldNelson, and Jacob Wick, the trio has been pretty active since 2016 with two LPs and a handful of EPs spread over the years with Palm Reader being their latest.


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