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ALITA’s new visuals for “I’m Not Your Mother” empower women to find their strength

Penetrating pop singer ALITA knows what she wants and refuses to settle for anything else. The intoxicating talent has dropped her new video for “I’m Not Your Mother” and there is a strong fierceness that is present throughout.

The sassy tune details being fed up with a relationship cycle of needy men.“I’m Not Your Mother” constantly deals with taking care of men and this song takes a stand against social stereotypes. Through her passionate, soulful vocals reminiscent of Ariana Grande and vibrant beats, you can really feel that frustration. The coordinating video portrays the ideal 50's female: from dressing in retro attire and holding an old fashion phone to clips of 50's housewives, her message is clear. We are all familiar with that image of a woman who has dinner ready for her husband every night. A woman who does all the household chores. In this day and age though a lot has changed and ALITA is a voice for all women when she powerfully sings, “I’m not your mother. I’m your lover and your friend.”

ALITA is known for her rich, velvety vocals and honest lyricism. Her stunning songs are a personal account of feminism, love and loss. She is a fearless fighter for what she believes and it really shows in her work. You can especially sense that in “I’m Not Your Mother”. The singer describes the track as, “a song about resistance & self-discovery in the face of modern romance; it explores the implicit & explicit expectations placed on women throughout history. And how empowering it feels to set yourself free from carrying someone else’s emotions on your back.”

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