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Rising pop star Hunter Moreau drops summery music video for soulful new track "Hazy"

Soulful pop songstress Hunter Moreau drops a warm and summer-tinged music video for newest single “Hazy" —a feel-good, atmospheric ballad that delves into the heart-warming nostalgia of forgotten happiness.

Drawing listeners into her fuzzy yet crystal clear musicality full of “pure bliss of summer nights,” the rising singer builds a sonic world hinged on reminiscence and longing. "Hazy" is a synth-tinged offering with a foundation of emotive, honest lyricism strengthened by layers of captivating vocals and richly melodic alt-pop soundscapes.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track produced by Doug Schadt, Moreau shared,“We wrote this song to capture the feeling that no other moment matters besides right now. The excitement of not caring how exactly you’re going to get home, or where you even are, but just knowing that you want whatever feeling this is to last forever.”

The newly released visuals capture the carefree mood of the track with scenes shot at Betty's Neck in Lakeville, Massachusetts. Moreau’s creative vision brought to life by Rhode Island-based photographer, videographer and mixed media artist Mac Lynch. She added, "I wanted the video to feel like a warm, breezy, summer's day that causes all of your worries to subside for even just a moment. I wanted to capture the soft light of summer afternoons, and the hazy hue that comes along with it.”

Born and raised in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, Moreau has bloomed from an eight-year-old child taking voice lessons to releasing her debut single "Drive In" at 16 years old in November of 2019,  rapidly gaining attention for her authentic artistry fuelled by an endless love and passion for music.

With her refreshing blend of indie, pop, and soul the young singer is committed to a dream of reaching as many people as possible through empathetic songwriting, and she’s getting there with quick steps!

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Erik Maynard
Erik Maynard
8 months ago

Blows my mind. We lost a dear friend to Covid today and 2 hours after that our home flooded. This is a beautiful song sent from God to make me happy.

Audra Conklin Taylor
Audra Conklin Taylor
8 months ago

Beautiful, Hunter! Your sound truly is soothing and lovely. Can’t wait to see where you go next💗