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D2x stresses spirituality in new project 'The Color Blue'

Chicago artist D2x releases a highly positive album The Color Blue, filled with metaphorical imagery, highlighting holy water and the color blue as well as deeply motivational messages.  

Recently dropping a single "Day Job" from his first album The Color Blue, many on social media were patiently waiting for this album to finally drop. Opening up with "Hues," the smooth jazz sounds mixed with lo-fi production immediately draws the listener in. The beats and the heartfelt lyrics display D2x's songwriting vulnerability and tracks like "Hue" allow fans to connect with him on a much deeper level.  
Throughout this album, we also witness a brilliantly thought out theme of spirituality that is embedded within every single track. D2x interestingly mixes lo-fi sounds, to make for an upbeat song with intriguing messages. On "Pray," we heavily see this spiritual theme come into play once again, however D2x keeps it versatile, switching the mood up, speaking about intuition with darker beats that display the struggle.
Overall, this latest offering will get listeners thinking about darkness and light, including the different spiritual shades of blue, interestingly representing the sky and the heavens, focusing on the theme of God. Press play and listen to The Color of Blue if you want to elevate your soul. 
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