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RENÉ looks for a "Better U" in sultry new release [Video]

London, UK singer RENÉ blends the old and new on her latest offering "Better U" alongside a brilliant visual accompaniment. Armed with a signature silky vocal tone and sensual demeanor, RENÉ delivers the goods with punchy performance and evocative lyrics that detail a fractured romance. She pours the pain of her past on wax and realizes that her inner strength was the only thing keeping her from breaking to pieces. The production by Oscar Moos S (who also co-wrote the song) is particularly gripping as it echoes the early 2000s UK R&B era with a modern twist of soft and warm textures layered over a steady groove.

The visual is a mix of dark and moody and truly captures RENÉ's personal style and persona. Helmed by 22films director Caroline Hajny whose set pieces flow seamlessly flow into each other. From the somewhat frenzied and sultry performances, noir and bright color schemes to the eye-catching costumes, the video aims to display the artist in her true form sans restrains.

Stream "Better U" here.

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