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JARETT reminds listeners of a simpler time with debut single “Travel”

Lockdowns, isolation, and the potential of getting COVID-19 made 2020 one of the toughest years in recent history. Yet, with the advent of 2021 upon us it seems to have brought a certain air of hope. Vaccines have become available across the nation causing many to believe that we have finally passed the worst of it. Rebounding off of this hope, blossoming pop artist JARETT recently released his debut single "Travel" reminding listeners that "while the pandemic may seem overwhelming at times, it is temporary".

Oozing Caribbean influence, "Travel" is a radio-ready single with intoxicating vocals coupled with hypnotic electronic-pop production. Raised in Toronto, JARETT immersed himself in the Caribbean culture traveling extensively throughout the area with his family. With his new single he hopes to allow "listeners to find solace in the simpler times of yesteryear, when they were free to see the world". Within the first 30 seconds, you can clearly see he's achieved this. Layering kinetic electronic vocals overtop of the single, JARETT makes fans feel like they're at the beach already.

The rising Vancouver-based musician's flawless blend of pop, electronic, and hip-hop truly makes him one of a kind and sets him up to be a fast rising artist for 2021. "Travel" is the first of three dance/pop singles from JARETT dropping this spring so be ready for more coming out soon.

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Dance · Hip-Hop · Pop


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