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RENÉ breaks free from the "Pretender"

London artist RENÉ taps into her inner regions to bring us her latest enthralling single titled "Pretender". Teaming up with producer NOSAApollo who crafts a dark, cinematic soundscape for  RENÉ's powerful, sultry vocal performance. The track besides being a profound look on a somewhat toxic relationship and the struggle not to succumb to the numbing effects also doubles as a rebellious outlet I guess everyone can easily relate to. 

 RENÉ's off kilter take on the R& B genre is quite striking as she pulls no punches in making her statements. On the track she is unapologetic from the get go. She also offers a little insight behind the song.

"...it does also speak to the rising frustrations some feel in their search for truth and authenticity in today's world and not wanting to succumb to the blatant pretence and disingenuous interactions we see and have, on a daily basis, via social media for example."

RENÉ is currently preparing a yet to be titled EP scheduled for next year.

Connect with RENÉ : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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