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Niia creates a vibe with Laura Lee in "Not Up For Discussion" [Video]

Combining an infinitely alluring vocal presence with smooth and delicate neo-soul, Niia enlists Khruangbin's fiery and prodigious bassist Laura Lee for her new track "Not Up For Discussion".  An inescapable and ubiquitous voice in R&B and neo-soul for the last 13 years, you'd be hard-pressed to find an artist or producer who hasn't lauded the distinctly smoky and seductive vocals of Niia Bertino since her career began back in 2007.  With the assistance of Lee's marauding bass work, there is something truly special captured in her newest track.  

"Not Up For Discussion" is an ironic and detached ode to the vapidity and cynicism of scene culture.  Featuring a chorus of "life teaches you nothing", Niia is able to keep the track sizzling and laidback while toying with darker themes of nihilism and removal.  Lee's expert bass work gives a stern backbone to the track, with minimalist drums and melodies interplaying together effortlessly.  The visual (also directed by Niia) is a simple yet stunning vibe session featuring Niia and friends lounging in a chic creative suite in her home city of Los Angeles.  

Radiating a spectacular energy and verve, "Not Up For Discussion" creates an unparalleled atmosphere that calls to mind neo-soul classics from the early 2000s.  After releasing two critically acclaimed albums in and II: La Bella Vita, Niia looks to continue her soulful innovation in the future as her newest track proves that she is still eminently capable of crafting sultry R&B gems.  

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