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PLASMIC's "Female Fascination" is a self-worth soundtrack

There is nothing boring about PLASMIC. Her music is as bold and fearless as her bright pink hair and her new song, "Female Fascination" is as hypnotic as it is empowering.

Starting with jumbled sounds of voices and bells that create an air of chaos, a burst of thunder and PLASMIC enters the song and immediately hooks you in. The music is jarring at times, uncomfortable, but it all works so well.

There's a sense of urgency and an underlying power in her lyrics. "Guess I needed more than a vacation since you have a female fascination," - she sings in a chilling chorus—the perfect send-off. PLASMIC explains, "My grandma told me her badass story of how she went on a vacation and returned with divorce papers after years of being cheated on / I had to write her soundtrack."

PLASMIC perfectly embodies that feeling of revenge and freedom. It just keeps building and building into the perfect release. It's the kind of song that feels chaotic at first, it's glaring and in-your-face, but underneath that chaos is this core of strength and self-worth. That's something that PLASMIC does so well, creating layers underneath the initial shock of her performance. 

PLASMIC is an LA-based synthpop/electronic artist known for her striking performances and bright pink outfits. She aims to smash the patriarchy with each performance and each song.

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