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Mia Madden's "Treat Me Like U Did" is a declaration of independence

Mia Madden's music is hypnotizing. Her new song "Treat Me Like U Did" is a shimmering journey from start to finish.

"Treat Me Like U Did" starts with a simple question, "Is this what you want?" she sings breathily, her voice echoing in and out. The song builds around sparkling synths and claps. It feels almost like a fever dream. The way her voice floats over the electric melody.

The song, co-produced by Lucia, hides its dark undertones underneath the gossamer surface. Madden says, "This one explains my journey through indignity and gaining independence from an abuser when I was 19." It's an important reminder to always look below the surface. You never know what personal struggles someone is going through, no matter how things appear at first glance.

The repetition in the chorus is vital. It feels like she's reminding herself. Almost pausing at points to reflect, then returning back to herself, when she sings, "I can't believe I let it go so far," it's a declaration. The music builds into an emotional release. You can feel that freedom pulsating throughout the song. 

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