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Phoneboy unleash their energetic offering “Nevermind”

Indie rock outfit Phoneboy drop their new single “Nevermind” featuring Justin Magnaye and the song sucks you in with its infectious, colorful sound. The explosive tune hits hard with gritty guitars, vehement vocals and thundering percussion.

Named after Nirvana’s second studio album, the radiant release is a narration of being hooked on someone that is out of your reach. Passionately singing, “drunk texts keep me sober, hope it’s not all over” you can sense the craving for attention even if it’s only a drunken text. “Nevermind” is the opening track off their upcoming self-titled album. The band reveals in a statement, “If Ricky didn’t have a Nirvana poster hanging in his basement, this song would have a different name. I wrote the main guitar riff in Berkeley when Wyn was at work over the summer, and I immediately knew it was going to fit in somewhere nice. The drunk text hook was a separate idea I had when I was waiting in the car for a covid test in September, then we decided to mush them together and make something new.”

The Hoboken trio is comprised of singer/guitarists Wyn Barnum and Ricky Dana and bassist James Fusco. The group takes influence from bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes and you can really hear that riveting rock quality throughout their releases. “Nevermind” possesses that same elevated, effervescent air we have come to know and love from the three-piece. Take a listen to the irresistible, upbeat banger now.

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