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Amoneyboo and Davis Chris passionately sing to us about "Bonnet Baby"

Amoneyboo and Davis Chris return with yet another pacifying R&B song "Bonnet Baby." Filled with passion and soul, these two never fail to move us through music even when they sing about the simple things in life.
After an amazing track with Davis Chris earlier this year "Stay Inside," Amoneyboo and Davis Chris are back with another classic r&b slow jam. Hearing Amoneyboo's magical voice light up through the speakers is special, as she exudes her powerful r&b female voice. Through poetic lyrics, she is able to harmoniously sing about her hair in a sensual way. Amoneyboo has a special tone, almost as if her sweet whisper smoothly alleviates any worries that we may have, making the perfect song for a late night or early morning vibe in the house. The chorus is extremely catchy due to not only the repetition of the words "I'll be your little Bonnet baby," but also her seducing tone that also keeps our ears glued to the speakers. When Davis Chris comes in halfway of the track, he shines, almost as if he is the male version of Amoneyboo, effortlessly adding to the smoothness and graciousness of the song. The beat only adds to the perfection of this song as the sounds of the bass and snappy sounds provide a steady melody for a calm environment that makes for a satisfying lullaby. 
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