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PinkFiz drops empowering pop/punk anthem "Did I Ask?"

British pop/punk artist PinkFiz unveils her latest single "Did I Ask?" The song hits on female consent (and the lack of it) when faced with sexual harassment. Pinkfiz shows us that standing up for morality and justice is essential when trying to put an end to the sad and horrific abundance of sexual harassment.

"Did I Ask?" has a flowing pop-punk feel with charismatic guitar riffs, gritty, muffled bass and a lively drum run. Showcasing both the gentle and fierce side to women, Pinkfiz’s vocals are playful and melodic while oozing a powerful aura. Her straightforward and sincere conviction shows us that she has a point to prove and it's one that we should all take note of. Written and produced by Pinkfiz, she is using her platform and voice to fight for women's rights, while doing what she does best.

Her lyrics are honest and reveal the unfair struggles that being a woman can hold, singing “If my skirts too short it’s not for your attention” and “if my boobs are out it's not for your affection, coz I'm not asking for it.” It's true, and it's a message to all the men who feel entitled to our bodies just because some flesh is showing. We are loving the empowerment from Pinkfiz! At only 18 years old this woman is showing us that we should all stand up for female rights and put a stop to social injustice.

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