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Ed Prosek shares his timeless new single "The Other Side"

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and all around total babe Ed Prosek shares his latest cut "The Other Side", and it's a masterpiece in sonic hybridity. With each release, Prosek's artistry navigates through an abundance of sounds, and in doing so it's almost guaranteed to create something very special. 

Belonging somewhere between folk, country and easy-listening, the single glides down its own lane, thriving on its own path and ignoring the noise around it. Wrapping his tranquil vocals around country-styled guitar twangs and soothing piano lines, "The Other Side" conveys an emotive narrative that captures our heart from the offset. Revelling in a glistening pool of harmonious melodies, the single is a supportive friend in a crisis, providing the hand to hold onto and the warmth we need to feel.

"The Other Side is more mantra than a song for me," Ed explains. "It’s something I needed to hear in a moment of doubt and confusion, something intangible and true. If you want something, you’re gonna have to get your hands dirty and if you need something done, it’s best to do it yourself. We’re all marred by the shame of our failures, but the lessons we learn from failure are often the most valuable rewards we could ever hope to receive."

Prosek's music is rooted in the ability to transport you to a different moment in time. His elegance and talent in capturing a feeling and unraveling that emotion in four solid minutes is not only captivating but also a skill that makes him one of the best songwriters out there. Sometimes it's questionable whether Prosek delved straight into my mind and created a track that's so personal to me but also so universally minded. "The Other Side" is where we're all heading and it sounds delightful.

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Alt-Country · Country · Folk


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