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CAPYAC want to be your "Best Friend" [Video]

LA-based duo and musical collective CAPYAC continue to tease their forthcoming third album, with the truly addictive "Best Friend."

The lasting impact of funk can be felt far and wide across the spectrum of pop, but rarely is it the main focus. This electronically charged funk-filled foray takes all the ear-grabbing tropes of such an iconic era and respectfully sharpens them up with contemporary production ideals, and with a just amount of tongue-in-cheek humour to boot.

No doubt getting your head bobbing from the first few seconds alone, the groove naturally deepens with each resplendent detail added. Vocalist Delwin Campbell (aka Potion) lays down a sassy staccato that perfectly fills the pockets left by the jostling instrumentation, with the lyricism subtly inverting the heteronormative love song formula. As soon as the chorus reaches its shimmering and grandiose plateau, you're totally hooked, with the replay button calling your name before the track even runs its course.

Sharing a charming insight into the video, guitarist and production designer, Eric Peana (aka P. Sugz) shares in an email statement that, “The Best Friend video came out of a frenzied brainstorming session. We loved this idea of adding all of these tiny people around Potion as he sang. Naturally, the idea was born that he’d surround himself with lemons in the tub. I was tasked to buy the lemons. So of course I went to our neighborhood market and filled 10 bags with 20 lemons each. 200 total lemons. As I got to the counter the woman checking me out just was cracking up laughing. And soon I started laughing too. And this moment of joy kinda spread through the store. Soon everyone was laughing. What was amazing is she never asked what I was doing. No question of what I was doing. After we finished shooting we realized that we had 200 lemons. We didn’t want to waste them so we started dropping off little care packages at our friends' houses, and making juices/cookies. All in all our lemon adventure was a success.”

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