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Good Luck Chuck motivates you to let your voice be heard on debut single "Speak Up"

Acclaimed Singaporean DJ/Producer Perk Pietrek and multi-instrumentalist Direwulf come together as Good Luck Chuck for their debut single “Speak Up”, featuring Singaporean singer- songwriter, Elsa Mickayla. Encompassing the explosive energy of the duo, elevated by Mickayla’s easy but powerful vocal delivery, the catchy track imbues listeners with swag and style.

With their debut, Good Luck Chuck have taken the first step to building a world founded on care-free yet ambitious artistry, the power-packed single striking a brilliant balance between calculated sound design and free-flowing lyrical freedom.

Armed with crisp guitar riffs, drums that pop out of your speakers and bass that rumbles the floor, the track empowers with booming beats and simultaneously sets the mood for taking over the dance floor with its laid-back guitar-led soundscape.

Care-free but with a clear message, “Speak Up” is an experimental dance track that’s also clearly indicative of the duo’s expert compositional skills as it motivates listeners to question who they want to be and speak up for themselves. Speaking of the inspiration and process behind the track, the duo said, “ On a trip to Brunei for a writing camp, Direwulf spent over $100 saran wrapping his guitar after being persuaded by

the Airline counter staff to do so. Speak Up was created at this writing camp after a full day of travel , in a bungalow at Brunei in the middle of the morning. On the track, we ask you, ‘Do you know who are? Do you know who you wanna be? If you do, then speak up and let your voice be heard.’ ”

Honing a sound that can be identified with guerrilla branding and a bold, do-it-yourself attitude, this short yet impactful debut offering sets up this mysterious yet open-minded creative project for a musical journey that seems set to flow with practiced ease, carving a niche for itself with its ritualistic and memorable styling.


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Dance · Drum and Bass · Electronic · Groovy · Swag


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