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Hojean releases fuzzy new track, "Far From Here"

Self-taught musician and creator, Hojean, is back with a fresh new single, “Far From Here”. Hailing from right outside of Atlanta, Hojean has been crafting his own lane of R&B and indie-pop. After a successful 2020, with great tunes including “weekends” and “Pick up Your Phone”, Hojean successfully carries the success into 2021 with his newest track.

“Far From Here” is a smooth track, with soothing vocals and stellar instrumentation. Lyrically, Hojean explores a relationship stuck in ambiguity, clouded with questions. His delivery and vocal performance are beautiful and filled with emotion. The track is carried by plucking guitars that are layered and playful. While the lyrics touch on feelings of longing and ambiguity, the production brings a rather warm and fuzzy feeling. Put together, “Far From Here” is perfectly balanced and ready for anyone to enjoy.

Hojean’s songwriting, delivery, and all-around music talent are on display on his new track “Far From Home”. The track is a smooth ballad, making it a great first release for 2021. It will be exciting to watch Hojean grow and continue his successful string of releases.

Connect with Hojean: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube 

Alternative R&B · Indie · Pop


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