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Andy Polk releases glitched out new track "pins&needles"

Producer and vocalist Andy Polk is back with his first single of 2021, “pins&needles”. Starting out as a DJ in high school, Polk began working on his first project after suffering a life-threatening injury. Since then, his sound has developed from deep, dark house-based rhythms to a space between electronic, alt, and hyperpop. While his new single leans more towards the latter, he definitely melds genres together. 

“pins&needles” has all the elements of a great and energetic track. In terms of production, the track has the classic hyperpop snare that carries the momentum of the track. The steady drums are combined with a wide mix of sounds, all of which mesh together cohesively. Vocally, Polk messes with his voice a ton to keep the track interesting and energetic. The feature from Cookii flows perfectly with the track as well. 

Polk shows off his stellar vocal and production skills on “pins&needles”. The track is energetic and has all the ingredients to climb the hyperpop charts. Polk has already shown his versatility and songwriting ability,  his new track shows he is not letting up.

Connect with Andy Polk: Twitter | Instagram

Electronic · Hip-Hop · Hyperpop · Pop


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