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Inude are back with the eponymously titled "Ballad1"

Closing out the turbulent year of 2020 with the first of their lockdown-recorded singles, the rapturous southern-Italy based trio of Giacomo, Flavio and Francesco, better known as Inude, are back with the eponymously titled "Ballad1."

Just as the previous single "We Share" displayed an irrefutable level of synergistic harmony between the three of them, "Ballad1" compounds it, with each element delivered with distinct flair yet masterfully placed to complement each other.

Despite the relatively sparse instrumentation of the introduction, hearty guitar chords, softly lilted vocals and shuffled rhythms, it performs in a way not too dissimilar to the opening titles of a film, setting a vivid scene and urging further gravitas to the already emphatic narrative. As "Ballad1" sweeps into its chorus, the vocals unfurl from their thus far delicate delivery to an emotive soar that recalls Thom Yorke's mesmeric melodies.

Alongside the balladesque structure and delivery, their trademark thought-provoking lyricism completes it, with the trio elucidating to the brutally self-reflective lyricism in an email statement, sharing that, "When someone betrays our trust, we automatically feel like we're the ones who have been wronged. Always the victims, never the offender -and all caught up in our rage, pain, and disappointment, we witness the unrelenting demise of the tiny world we built around ourselves. How hard is it to forgive? How hard is it to take a look in the mirror and see ourselves as the cause of a betrayal, no matter how passive our role might have been? I wanted to go back to a normal life, I wanted to fill every room of an echoing and empty house, to take care of simple everyday tasks, even if it meant to fight with my bare fists for the first time."

"Ballad1" is available now via Factory Flaws.

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