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Alessandro Ciminata's new single "feels like heaven"

Italian-born London-based singer-songwriter Alessandro Ciminata is back with his lockdown-inspired indie-R&B single, "feels like heaven."

The adage of art imitating life and vice versa has been more than a prevailing theme in countless musical efforts over the past year, with artists the world over funneling their emotions and experiences into their art, often using it as an outlet to express the feelings of uncertainty, restlessness and anxiety to name but a few, but rarely do they consider the positive side. "feels like heaven" articulates the antithesis perfectly, with a just awareness of both sides of the coin.

In email statement, Ciminata shared, "'feels like heaven' is about the positive aspects of being in lockdown, in my case is about the pro and cons of a cohabitation with someone I love 24/7. Lockdown hasn’t been easy for a lot of people but at the end of the day, it hasn’t been that bad either! I expressed my lockdown feelings into this song. 'Some days I feel alone, some others you’re the only one I rely on.'"

The smoky quality of his voice that delivers this lyricism, in combination with his distinct Italian lilt, pulls you into the shadowy, neon-tinged atmosphere from as soon as you hit play. As the instrumentation fleshes out around his voice, his reserved vocal sustains the rich emotion without deviating from the deepening groove. The production, produced by long-term producer Jack Gourlay, flickers between contemporary and nostalgic, adding a true sense of timelessness to an already standout reinterpretation of the love song formula. Furthermore, the duality of "feels like heaven" is equally perpetuated by the tenderness of the song, with the softly unfolding dynamics making it the perfect song to groove around your kitchen, whilst introspectively revelling in your emotions.

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