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Mighloe curves unsolicited advances on “Don’t Call Me”


When you hit up Mighloe’s line, don’t expect a sweet hello: you may just get a busy signal. On “Don’t Call Me”, the Canadian singer-songwriter calls out a clingy nuisance for daring to breach her peace. A smooth operator, Mighloe is the cool, calculated heroine who will say what needs to be said when it needs to be said–even if it means saying nothing at all. She may not get back to you when you’d like, but you’ll definitely get the message.

Adorned in a classy red suit, Mighloe croons softly over a jazzy cocktail produced by LATENIGHTDRIVE and Dean Vision. A smooth, neo-soul number with a somber feel, Mighloe embodies a confident presence on “Don’t Call Me” that is before her time, yet refreshingly familiar. Her figure emerges between shadows of the record’s gloomy aura, grasping a red phone and letting it fall to the floor by its coil. Don’t misread Mighloe’s delicate sound as a sign of backing down; she’s over the B.S. and makes it abundantly clear. A slick lipped savage, Mighloe is protective of her time and refuses to be a revolving door for bad energy.

A new signee to independent record label Public Records, Mighloe is already on a roll, using her platform to take an important stance on being firm on her boundaries as a young woman.

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