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Stunning deluxe album 'Flashing Lights' from TONYB. is a silky neo-soul dreamland

Back with his latest deluxe version of his album Flashing Lights, TONYB. has pulled out all the stops, adding a few stunning additions to his collection of gorgeous tunes. Flashing Lights is a wondrous ride through glossy, lustrous tunes, so hop aboard and join us on this journey.

One of the new tracks on the album is “Serious.” With shimmering, gentle production, a soft, snappy, trappy beat and an overall sultry, late-night feel, "Serious" tantalizes all of your senses. “Don't let it get too serious now” he sings - a very relatable note to self and the other team player, to not let this escalate too quickly. Why rush things when you can just sit back and enjoy the moment?

“Faded Dreams (My Time)” has a beat that is super dynamic and punchy in its echoing hits. The song escalates in a whirlpool of TONYB. and his satin voice, with soft and gentle vocal runs which match the feel of the song, as he passionately but calmly sings, “would you love me?” The production has a blurred electric guitar synth-sounding melody that fills the track in an underlying tone of pain and hopefulness.

Flashing Lights is pure luxury. The neo-soul, R&B album oozes out velvet vocals and an array of intimate mental blurbs of vulnerability. You feel somewhat honoured to have such an insight into his life and mind. On the whole, the album has a mix of upbeat warm tunes and heart-wrenching songs, its bursting with R&B beats, vocals and neo-soul gloss. It’s heartfelt, sexy, passionate, sleek and totally mesmerizing.

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